Month: November 2020

Zoo Staff Says Goodbye to Mackenzie the 22-year-old Bactrian Camel

  Potter Park Zoo’s Bactrian camel Mackenzie was humanely euthanized Sunday due to advanced degenerative arthritis. Dr. Ronan Eustace, the zoo’s director of animal health, said efforts to manage Mackenzie’s condition were no longer successful. The median life expectancy for Bactrian camels is 17.8 years and Mackenzie was 22-years-old. “We had been treating her for […]

Sponsor a Tree for Wonderland of Lights!

You can help support Potter Park Zoo and its mission of inspiring conservation of animals and the natural world this winter season! Looking for a unique outing with family, friends, or the work team while celebrating the season? Sponsor a tree at the zoo! Enjoy an outing to the zoo by decorating your tree. Be […]

Throwback Thursday: Little Girl the Snow Leopard

Little Girl the snow leopard was born at Potter Park Zoo and lived her whole life here. She was known for her beauty, longevity, and amazing repertoire of trained behaviors that helped staff provide exceptional care of her. Little Girl was born in 1998 with her brother, Moon Shadow, to mother, Judee, and father, Genghis […]

Protect Wild Species Before It’s Too Late

Across the world, many wild animals are captured or killed every year to supply a multibillion-dollar black market. Rhinos and many other wild species are facing extinction because of interest in a certain body part or because of changes happening to their habitats – directly or indirectly caused by humans. Conservation a plays big role […]