Potter Park Zoo Staff Assists with Least Shrew Field Study in Bath, MI 

Since mid-July Potter Park Zoo has been partnering with the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy (MWC) to assist in a field study looking into the presence of least shrews at Bengel Wildlife Center in Bath, Mich. The least shrew is a small mammal only weighing between three and six grams. Least shrews are most commonly found in open fields with tall grasses or areas with fallen trees and brush […]

2019 Gift Guide for the Animal Lover

It’s not always easy to find that perfect gift for the animal lover in your life. We’ve compiled the ultimate Potter Park Zoo gift guide with tons of options that range from plush toys to a behind the scenes experience with the big cats at the zoo! Gifts That Keep on Giving Potter Park Zoo […]

Critically Endangered Cotton-top Tamarin Twins Born at Potter Park Zoo for First Time in 10 Years

Potter Park Zoo is incredibly excited to announce the birth of two critically endangered cotton-top tamarins on Monday Oct. 1, 2018! There are only about 6,000 cotton-top tamarins left in the wild due to destruction their forest habitat in Colombia. For this reason, Potter Park Zoo’s cotton-top tamarins have a very important advocacy role to […]