Throwback Thursday: The Beginning of Potter Park Zoo

The Park Potter Park was dedicated in 1915, after an agreement was reached between James W. Potter and the City of Lansing for the donation of 58 acres of land for the park. The Lansing State Journal reported the celebration brought out thousands of people to enjoy food, music, speeches and many competitions, including pie-eating, nail […]

Birding Part 5: Adaptations of Birds

  Birds are an amazing example of adaptations. Each bird has unique features that help it survive in a specific habitat. Some of the birds at Potter Park Zoo have adaptations that help them find and catch food, explore their environment, and do amazing acrobatic feats.   By looking at a bird’s beak and feet […]

Activity: What is the Water Cycle?

  Water is essential for all living things. Earth’s supply of water is finite – the total amount of water on our planet never changes. What does change is where the water is and what state it is in (solid, liquid, or gas). The water cycle is a description of how water moves and changes […]

Birding Part 4: Become a Citizen Scientist!

  Because birds are everywhere, it can be helpful for scientists to use birdwatchers as their eyes and ears in the field. There are many projects amateur birders can get involved in. Some of the most common ones are bird counts, nest reporting, and just reporting when you see a rarely seen species. Potter Park […]

Potter Park Zoo Park Closed Due to Flooding

The Potter Park Zoo park will be closed to the public Wednesday, May 20, 2020 due to flooding over both entrance drives. The closure will continue until the water recedes and the entrance and exit drives are clear. Essential zoo staff are able to enter the zoo and care for the animals through an emergency entrance […]