Exhibit Sponsorship

Potter Park Zoo exhibit sponsorships provide individuals and businesses the opportunity to demonstrate their initiatives to thousands of guests annually. These sponsorship opportunities provide brand visibility for your business and demonstrate a strong commitment to the surrounding communities and their residents.

Potter Park Zoo is home to 380 animals which encompass 86 species. Potter Park Zoo continues to be a leader in animal care, conservation, and education and it is through support from people like you that allow the zoo to achieve new milestones.

Potter Park Zoo continues to build and embark on new adventures with the red panda exhibit renovation (2016), elk exhibit (2016), and a new Okapi exhibit (2023).

The zoo has welcomed new faces to the family – from animal births to new additions to the zoo. The following are the most recent and notable additions to the zoo family. In 2019, Jaali, an Eastern black rhino was born. Jaali now resides at Living Desert Zoo. In 2022, the zoo welcomed the births of two binturong, two cotton-top tamarins, a red panda, a bongo calf, a ring-tailed lemur, and just under 2,000 tadpoles. In 2023, we got to witness the births of a tufted deer fawn, a bongo calf, a ring-tailed lemur, and a penguin chick. The zoo also welcomed a male Okapi to the zoo family.