Become a Citizen Scientist From Your Living Room!

How can you help scientists and wildlife right from your living room? You can easily participate in this meaningful conservation program! Check out www.snapshotsafari.org, an interactive, citizen science website that provides an opportunity for anyone to become an African wildlife conservationist.​ Snapshot Safari is an online database of camera trap photos, hosted by Zooniverse.org, which conservation projects around […]

Take the Plastic Free Eco-Challenge with Potter Park Zoo! 

Take the Plastic Free Eco-Challenge with Potter Park Zoo!  Could you commit to one of the following for one month? Use reusable utensils Bring your own take out containers Make your own cleaning products at home Join the Potter Park Zoo team and other communities in the Plastic Free EcoChallenge. Visit https://plasticfree.ecochallenge.org/  to learn how […]

Meeko the Alaskan Moose Loses Battle With Cancer

Potter Park Zoo’s Alaskan moose Meeko lost his battle with cancer after his health took a sudden turn for the worse late Wednesday night, July 10, 2019. “Meeko’s conditioned worsened and although all possible treatments were attempted Meeko did not respond the treatments and the difficult decision was made to humanely euthanize him ,” said Dr. […]