FALCONERS is designed to allow children or adults of all ages with special needs and unique challenges (such as autism or developmental disabilities) and their whole family to have an enriching educational experience in a safe, welcoming and sensory friendly environment. There will be one sensory friendly event in Lansing, Michigan per month throughout 2019.

  • Inclusive for the entire family/support group
  • Up close experiences with ambassador animals
  • Each session includes hands-on stewardship activity
  • This program will be shared with other institutions in the community


Scheduled Events

FALCONERS “Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE)”

March 23: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM 

March’s FALCONERS theme is AZA SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction!  SAFE is an effort among accredited zoos, aquariums, researchers and conservationists to save endangered species all over the world! Our black rhinoceros, African lions, and many other zoo residents are part of the program! Discover how Potter Park Zoo participates in this important work, learn how the zoo staff takes care of our animals, and have fun with hands on activities throughout the zoo.  Light snacks (and coffee for parents!) will be served.

Activities will be mainly inside buildings, but be sure to dress for the weather for travel between buildings.  Please pre-register to get free admission to the zoo and access to the activities.   The concession stands will be closed during this event.

To register for the Saturday March 23, 2019 event, please click here.


FALCONERS “Party for the Planet”

April 27: 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM 

“Party for the Planet” is Potter Park Zoo’s official Earth Day celebration, and we’ll be focusing on how we all can help protect the earth and animals that live here! We will be putting on a special Party for the Planet just for FALCONERS families. Activity stations will be set-up throughout the zoo and participants can visit them at their own pace.  The zoo will open one hour early (at 8:00 AM) just for FALCONERS families.  Activities will continue until 11:00 AM, but families may stay and enjoy the zoo for as long as they wish. Light snacks (and coffee for parents!) will be served.

We are planning to have most of the activities outside, so please dress for the weather.  In the case of inclement weather, we will move as many activities inside as possible.  The gift shop and concession stands will be open during this event.

To register for the Saturday April 27 event, please click here.