Sensory Inclusive

Signage and Sensory Map

Signage can be found throughout the zoo designating where sensory bags, headphone zones, and quiet areas are located. You can also refer to our sensory map for these locations. Click here to access the sensory map.

Quiet Areas & Quiet and Nursing Room

Quiet Room & Nursing Area

Potter Park Zoo cares about nursing/breastfeeding mothers and we will ensure clean, comfortable, private accommodations are provided. Those needing a secure space for nursing or pumping can do so in the zoo’s Discovery Center building.  The room is located to the right of the Safari Room.

Two quiet areas are located near the Nature Play area. These areas have low visitor traffic.

An additional quiet area is located outside of the zoo near admissions for those utilizing the park that need a calm place to sit.

Sensory bags

Located at the Welcome Center and Discovery Center. Bags are provided by KultureCity and include headphones, a sensory map, fidgets, sunglasses, verbal cue cards, and VIP lanyard. Bags can be used free of charge. An ID is required as a deposit and a waiver must be completed.

Braille maps & booklets

At the beginning of your zoo walk you will find a braille map to the left of the plan your day board.  Braille map booklets can be checked out in the Welcome Center to use while you tour the zoo. There is no fee to use the booklets. An ID is required as a deposit.

Communication Board

The communication board is located in the park at the playground. It is a picture symbol board that can be used to support interaction in the playground area. The pictures on the board can be used to enable child-to-child or child-to-adult interactions when making comments, asking favors, or giving directions to each other.


Headphones are available for checkout at the Welcome Center. They can be checked out alone and do not have to be checked out with a sensory bag. There is no charge and an ID is required as a deposit.

Weighted Lap Pads

Lap pads are available for checkout at the Discovery Center if needed during zoo programs. Two sizes are available to choose from