Month: April 2021

Throwback Thursday: Vinny the Vulture

The late 1980s brought notable changes to Potter Park, including the renovation of the Feline/Primate House and Tombi the elephant’s relocation to the Indianapolis Zoo. New species were also welcomed in, including a pair of South American king vultures. With black and white pelage and vibrant yellow and orange on their necks and beaks, the […]

Potter Park Zoo Spring Update 2021

On behalf of Potter Park Zoo and the Potter Park Zoological Society, we want to thank you for your unwavering support through this uniquely challenging year. Our dedicated staff rose to the challenge and found new, safe ways to provide excellent care for the animals who call Potter Park Zoo home. Your support and commitment […]

Throwback Thursday: Bighorn Sheep on the Rock Island

  Potter Park’s rock island was built in 1936 under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) –a program instituted by President Franklin Roosevelts to create work and lift the country out of its Depression. Many animals would occupy this space over the years, including a variety of monkey species which summered on the island and wintered […]

Throwback Thursday: Pumpkinfest

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you gave a pumpkin to a porcupine? Or an otter? How about a rhinoceros? For fifteen years, as part of a special enrichment event known as Pumpkinfest, the volunteer Enrichment Team at Potter Park Zoo has done just this! Pumpkinfest is just one of many opportunities we […]

Throwback Thursday: Lake Victoria Exhibit

  In 2000, Potter Park Zoo opened a four-building entrance complex, replacing the old cabin and concession stand. The new entryway included an admission booth, visitor amenities (gift shop, restaurant, restrooms), and zoo offices. Last but not least was the Discovery Center, serving as the new home of the education department. Inside the building were […]

Throwback Thursday: Rabbit (and Guinea Pig) Hill

The 1960s were a difficult period in Potter Park Zoo’s history. Although the mammal moats opened behind the Bird House in 1961 and the old 1920-era bear pits next to the animal house (current zookeepers’ lounge) were razed, other buildings were aging, and the zoo lacked funds to make the necessary repairs. In spite of […]

Potter Park Zoo Recognizes Autism Acceptance Month

Through special programs, staff and volunteer training, and tools to assist zoo guests, Potter Park Zoo strives to provide a safe and welcoming experience to those with special needs and unique challenges, and will celebrate April as Autism Acceptance Month. “The zoo offers a monthly program, FALCONERS, for those with special needs and unique challenges,” […]