Month: June 2021

Throwback Thursday: Camels at the Zoo

If you think of a camel, you are likely to consider the hump as its most notable characteristic. There are two kinds of camels – dromedaries and Bactrians. Dromedaries have one hump, and only exist today as domesticated animals in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, and as a large feral population […]

Throwback Thursday: Coral Reef Exhibit

“Clownfish, Corals, and Conservation,” also known as the Coral Reef Exhibit, opened in the special exhibits space of the Discovery Center in 2005. This experience provided close-up glimpses of the amazing diversity of reef life through the brilliant colors, shapes, and movement of its inhabitants. An inviting undersea setting was created with a delightful mural […]

Red Panda Confirmed Pregnant at Potter Park Zoo

Potter Park Zoo is excited to share that seven-year-old endangered red panda Maliha is pregnant. The news follows her successful introduction to male Deagan-Reid, who was transferred from Zoo Knoxville earlier this year. The two were observed breeding, and an ultrasound completed by veterinary staff confirmed pregnancy in late May. Maliha also had a litter of cubs in […]

Throwback Thursday: Trains at the Zoo

Working railroad tracks have always bordered Potter Park Zoo to the north, bringing the sights and sounds of passing trains throughout the day. The animals seem to adapt to their presence. For the wolves the whistles of the trains can be the trigger for a good howl. The zoo got a train of its own […]

Throwback Thursday: 20 Years of The BIG Zoo Lesson

  Since 2000, about 23,000 students from area schools have attended Potter Park Zoo’s award-winning BIG Zoo Lesson study trip for an amazing learning experience. That number of people would fill 1 1/2 Breslin Centers or almost one-third of Spartan Stadium. Hallmarks of the program include the zoo becoming the classroom every day for a […]