Month: February 2021

Throwback Thursday: Wolves at Potter Park

Wolves were early residents at Potter Park Zoo and have maintained a consistent presence over the years. Aside from their role in Potter Park’s history, the wolf is a testament to the success of animal conservation in the United States and has seen impressive population rebounds in recent years. The arc of the gray wolf […]

Throwback Thursday: The Peter Rabbit Club of 1923

In the summer of 1923, as part of a new ongoing column, the Lansing State Journal (LSJ) invited children in the area to join its Peter Rabbit Club. In addition to printing stories and holding animal themed letter-writing contests, the club would arrange for meetups featuring live story-telling and other fun activities. One summer meetup […]

Throwback Thursday: Red Pandas at the Zoo

Red pandas have a charming appearance that is difficult to deny, and make compelling ambassadors in the zoo’s conservation efforts to breed endangered animals. This unusual species first arrived at Potter Park Zoo in 1990, and took up residence in the yard across from the snow leopards (now the Pallas cat exhibit). Many visitors had […]