Video: Watch the New Otter Pup’s first Vet Exam

Potter Park Zoo is overjoyed to announce the birth of two North American river otters to mother Nkeke and father Miles. Early on Feb. 6, 2018 animal care staff discovered Nkeke with the two newborn pups. Click here to read their official birth announcement! 

On the pup’s second day of life, Dr. Nofs performed their first neonatal wellness exam. This quick physical exam is necessary as it allows veterinary staff and keepers to check for any abnormalities or injuries and to get a body weight for a baseline.

“We keep the exam as brief as possible to avoid interrupting the maternal bond with the offspring from the stress of separation. These two otter pups look normal and healthy so were promptly placed back into the nest box and mom returned in a matter of a few minutes.   We can continue to monitor their health and wellness with regular body weights to monitor growth as well as observations via nest box camera that show nursing and maternal care,” said Dr. Nofs.

Though a first time mother, so far Nkeke is a natural and is calmly attending to her motherly duties. She will spend most of her time in the nest box with her pups for the first month of their lives. Follow Potter Park Zoo on social media and on their blog for regular updates on the new otter family.