Please Consider an End of Year Gift

The Potter Park Zoo team would like to thank all of you for helping us make monumental strides in 2016. We continue to improve in animal care, new exhibit builds, exhibit improvement, conservation efforts and education programming.

Projects like the new moose exhibit, the successful red panda breeding, and the addition of the Pallas cat couldn’t happen without your support. 

While we are proud of these successes, we have much more to do. You can help us to continue our important work. Our goal for 2017 is to fill all exhibits at Potter Park Zoo.

Your support will help us bring kangaroo, emu, binturong, a male black rhino, and many other animals to the zoo in 2017! 

Help us continue positioning Potter Park Zoo as an important community asset and educational opportunity for our guests.

Please consider an end of year gift this holiday season.

Sincerely, The Potter Park Zoo Team

P. S. A gift of any amount will impact the daily care of our animals.

If you support our efforts, please donate today!