Construction Continues at Potter Park Zoo

The sounds of hammers, drills, saws and other equipment echoed through Potter Park Zoo this summer and fall with the construction of new red panda and moose exhibits.

Rupert Jr. and Maliha, Potter Park Zoo’s two red pandas, moved into their new home earlier in the fall. The new exhibit offers more space, greater enrichment opportunities and a habitat that more closely matches their native environment.

Support for the red panda project was jump-started with a generous contribution from Jeff and David Williams of Williams AutoWorld of Lansing. The brothers are long-time fans of the zoo and decided to strengthen their connection by giving to build the red panda exhibit. The Williams have a family-wide love of the outdoors and animals.

“The zoo allows us to be a voice for animals, since they don’t have one,” said Jeff Williams.

AutoWorld was started by Jeff and David’s father in 1971. He instilled in them the importance of giving back. This donation enables them to continue their dad’s giving philosophy.

“We recognize what an asset Potter Park Zoo is in our community,” said Jeff.

Meeko and Willow, Potter Park Zoo’s two moose, are close to moving into their new home. The exhibit is on track for completion in early spring.

The moose exhibit construction kicked off with a large matching gift of $200,000 from the Hal and Jean Glassen Foundation. The Glassens were avid hunters and conservationists. They believed in the management of wildlife and started their foundation to continue their lifelong goals, including the support of research and programs aimed at habitat improvement.

The new moose exhibit will expand living space and replicate their natural habitat. Willow and Meeko were both rescued in Alaska. They came to Potter Park Zoo from the Alaska Zoo.

Help enhance the moose exhibit – and double your dollars!

Meeko and Willow will soon move into their exhibit. You can help enhance it. Thanks to the Glassen Memorial Foundation your donation can be doubled. The foundation will expand every dollar contributed to this exhibit. Learn how to double your gift by contacting Amy Morris at or visiting