Monarchs in My Yard

When we moved into our house a year ago, the yard needed a little work. Quite a few weeds were growing in the mulch around the house. Among those weeds were several milkweed plants. I knew these plants made good food for caterpillars, so we pulled all the weeds and kept the milkweed. Last summer […]

Potter Park Zoo Team Assists in Conservation of the Piping Plover

The piping plover, a small shorebird driven to near extinction in Michigan in the 1980’s, is on the road to recovery thanks to help from the Great Lakes Piping Plover (GIPIPL) captive-rearing program and Potter Park Zoo’s animal care team.  For many years, zoo staff have participated in this important conservation effort working to ensure […]

Endangered Red Panda Cub Born at Potter Park Zoo

Potter Park Zoo’s red panda Maliha gave birth to a cub July 21, 2022. This is Maliha’s second successful litter with the cub’s father Deagan-Reid. Animal care staff monitor mom and the cub daily through a camera mounted in the nest box where they are both resting. Veterinary staff will continue to conduct regular wellness checks in the coming weeks to […]

Bintlets Born at Potter Park Zoo

Potter Park Zoo celebrated Independence Day with the birth of baby bintlets. Female binturong (Arctictis binturong) Thistle gave birth to three babies the evening of July 4. This is the first binturong birth at the zoo in over two decades. Two of three babies are thriving. However, the third bintlet was found to be sick and despite 24-hour care by veterinary […]

We Have Straws!

By Mariah Faszczewski, Potter Park Zoological Society, Education Intern For many years our guests have expressed a desire to have drinking straws in the zoo. Potter Park Zoo now offers paper straws for .25 cents and all proceeds go toward conservation. There are many reasons we did not offer plastic straws in the past. • […]