Birding Part 3: Benefits of Bird Watching



Many birders report that birdwatching for them is almost like meditating. Studies show that it helps us improve our patience and skills of observation. Time in nature can improve stress hormones, attention, and can even have a positive impact on our blood pressure and pulse.

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Birdwatching is also good for our environment. People who spend more time in nature develop a deeper understanding and connection with their environment. This leads to concern about what is going on in our natural world.


Environment for the Americas is a conservation group all about connecting people with birds! Potter Park Zoo historically hosts an event in conjunction with USFWS and MDNR that supports one of Environment for the Americas largest outreach programs, World Migratory Bird Day. If you have ever been to the zoo for Be a Tourist in Your Own Town, you have attended this event! It is one of the largest WMBD celebrations as thousands of guests flood the zoo. Check out their website for more information about this cool international organization!