Birding Part 2: Who Will You See?


Some of these birds stay all year round, some are only here for a season, and others are only traveling through the state on their way to somewhere else.


Year Round Michigan Residents

Northern Cardinal

Cardinals are commonly found in suburban areas and are frequent visitors to bird feeders.




Mourning Dove

These birds are named for their mournful hooting song, which is sometimes mistaken for an owl. You can hear many mourning dove calls here.


Downy and Hairy woodpeckers

These woodpeckers are almost identical except for their size. Downy woodpeckers are slightly smaller with a smaller bill and dark bars on the underside of their tail.


Seasonal Visitors to Michigan

Indigo Bunting

These amazing little birds spend summers in Michigan. The males are a brilliant indigo color, while females who sit on the nest are more of a warm brownish color.

Baltimore Oriole

This bright bird breeds in the United States, making amazing deep pouches as nests that swing from the branches.


Snowy Owl

These beautiful birds from the north nest on the tundra. We see more come to Michigan in the winter of irruption years, when more of the yearling birds live to adulthood.


Just Flying Through Michigan

Black and White warblers

These small forest birds are known for being constantly in motion in their search for insects on the bark of trees.


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

These little woodpeckers have a different strategy for obtaining food. They drill holes into the tree and eat the sap that comes out and any insects the sap attracts.


Golden Eagle

The largest raptor in North America is a rare visitor to Michigan. These birds are excellent hunters of terrestrial animals, but prefer to stay away from people.