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Staff Highlight - Rick Parker

Serving Smiles to Every Visitor

Rick Parker has seen a lot of changes at Potter Park Zoo since he started as a seasonal employee in 1981 and began working full time in 1987.

Home Sweet Home - Maliha and Rupert Jr.

One year old Maliha, a female red panda, came to Potter Park Zoo almost a year ago from the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.

Robert Bell - Volunteer Superstar

Volunteering 16 years and still going strong

Robert Bell is a Potter Park Zoo "Volunteer Superstar." In his 16 year tenure as a volunteer he has handed out more than 15,000 popsicles in two

Construction Continues at Potter Park Zoo

The sounds of hammers, drills, saws and other equipment echoed through Potter Park Zoo this summer and fall with the construction of new red panda and moose exhibits.