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From winter to spring...

It’s easy to forget that the Zoo is open during the winter (and that admission is FREE through February!), since walking around outside isn’t exactly top of mind for everyone in Mid-Michigan on a b

Could You Be a Docent?

Do you ever get strange looks from people at social events when you break out some of your favorite animal facts? Have you reached capacity for animals residing in your home?

The Art of Zookeeping

Our zookeepers are a highly talented group of people.  There is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to their daily duties.  In short, I couldn't even imagine doing my job withou

Making A More Mobile Camel

As you may have recently heard, our 15 year-old male Bactrian camel Newton has a case of arthritis.  The fact he has arthritis is not unusual, but quite common in other Bactrian camels about h

Wonderland of Lights . . . and Owl Pellets?

Thanksgiving weekend is the opening weekend of Potter Park Zoo’s annual Wonderland of Lights.