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World Rhino Day

Did you know that rhinos have existed on Earth for over 50 MILLION YEARS?!

Well, now you do.

Zoo Closes at Noon on 9/8/12

Why? So we can set up for the Big Zoo Party! If you are planning a trip here, just arrive before noon. As long as you don’t mind our party-prep commotion, you can enjoy a day at the zoo as normal.

Rhino Scoping

How many people does it take to work on a rhinoceros with a sinus infection?  If you guessed over 20, you’re correct.

Tiger Cub Update

It’s hard to believe that our tiger triplets are almost 10 months old! Jan and I love having them here in the Feline/Primate house.

Rhino Introductions

Some of you may have noticed that the area around the rhinos has been blocked off lately and wondered what was going on.