Zookambi is Coming!

It is less than one month until Zookambi Summer Camp begins and we have a fantabulously fun-filled summer planned here at Potter Park Zoo!

Some of the awesome camps we’ll be offering include: Dr. Zoo-euss, Creature Power, Zoolympics, Vet Med, Animal CSI and much more. There’s something for everyone, that’s for sure! During each session we will explore a new, exciting topic such as animal families, animal abilities or adaptations, veterinary medicine, or animals in literature (along with lots of others!). Check out the program descriptions on the Zookambi page at to find a camp uniquely suited to your camper’s interests! Some of the fun activities that we do throughout the week include games, crafts, stories, tours of the zoo (sometimes with special “insider information”!), snacks, and making lots of new friends!

Also, for our older campers, we have a BRAND NEW FESAZ PROGRAM for students entering 8th-12th grade this summer! Our new Animal Health camp will focus on animal health, anatomy and physiology of the animal body, and what our vets do to keep animals healthy. We will be performing real life lab tests and procedures while exploring case studies from around the zoo! We are also doing some redesigning of our Animal Behavior class, so even if you joined us for FESAZ last year, feel free to come back and enjoy another session of summer fun at Potter Park Zoo!

Classes are starting to fill up, so make sure you get your campers signed up soon!