Winter Update from the Potter Park Zoological Society

This year, the 4th of July was truly a celebration as we welcomed two female red panda cubs to Potter Park Zoo! This accomplishment could not have happened without the continued support of donors like you.

As an Association of Zoos and Aquariums accredited institution, Potter Park Zoo participates in the Red Panda Species Survival Plan. Species Survival Plans help increase the population of endangered species while ensuring the health and genetic stability of the population. As part of the program we welcomed male red panda Deagan-Reid in February 2021. He and Maliha hit it off quickly and the result was two beautiful new cubs.

Red pandas are native to the Himalayan Mountains and are endangered due to threats such as deforestation and poaching for the fur trade. Welcoming these new cubs is not only exciting for the zoo and the community, but exciting for the species as a whole! The cubs have been spending time with mom behind the scenes while they grow, develop and learn to be red pandas. They have recently started venturing out into their outdoor habitat. Make sure you stop and look for them the next time you visit! The new cubs and their parents serve as critical ambassadors for their species, allowing us to teach our guests about the importance of protecting natural places and species and what we can each do to help. As part of our mission to inspire conservation of animals and the natural world, we strive every day to go above and beyond to care for the animals in our charge and make a positive impact on each visitor.

Your support enables continued investment in state of the art medical equipment, facilities and more to ensure the best in health, care, and welfare for the animals you know and love. For that we are extremely grateful. When you donate to the zoo, your gift helps us protect these species through conservation, education, and exceptional animal welfare. Please continue to support our growing zoo and the animals entrusted to us by making a donation online at