VIDEO: Otter Pup Nest Box Camera Weeks 4 Through 6

We’ve just learned that both North American river otter pups have opened their eyes! Since our last update, the pups have continued to gain weight and now weigh over 1 kg. Their movements have matured immensely in the past few weeks and you’ll be wowed with how much bigger they are!

The pups still have some growing to do and skills to learn with their mother before going out on exhibit, such as swimming. Once we have a good estimate on when they will be out, we will be sure to make an announcement!


Nest Box Camera: March 4, 2018

See how mother Nkeke and her North American river otter pups are doing with this video from the small nest box! This is the first video we’ve shared from the small nest box.



Nest Box Camera: March 5, 2018

Watch as the two new North American river otter pups learn how to crawl at Potter Park Zoo! This video is from the nest box camera, which allows zookeepers to monitor mom Nkeke and the two pups without causing stress to the family.


Weigh in on March 7: 781g and 699g
The pups are starting to wriggle a bit more around the nest box. Nkeke has a wonderful maternal instinct and has done very well with the pups so far.

Nest Box Camera: March 8, 2018

Watch the pups move around with greater strength to nurse from mom Nkeke. The pups are both steadily gaining weight.


Weigh in on March 12: 959g and 851g

The pups had their second veterinary exam this week! The exam is quick to keep mom and pup’s stress levels down. Dr. Sally reports that the pups both look healthy.  Their eyes are still closed and it’s believed both are males (although, it’s still hard to tell gender at this stage).


Nest Box Camera: March 17, 2018

See the first glimpse of one of the North American river otters pups with one of their eyes open in this behind the scenes nest box cam!


Nest Box Camera: March 19, 2018

The North American river otter pups are six weeks old today! They have learned how to crawl and are moving around much more efficiently.