Potter Park Zoo Welcomes New North American River Otter

Two year old female arrives from Prospect Park Zoo

Potter Park’s most recent addition is Nkeke, a female North American river otter who was born at Prospect Park Zoo in NewYork City, New York Feb. 25, 2014. This big city girl will be three years old this month.
Zookeepers have been keeping a close eye while acquainting Miles, the male North American River otter born at Potter Park Zoo Feb. 19, 2013, to the new female. The two spend part of everyday out on exhibit together as they get to know each other.

Nkeke is very active in the pool, and Miles seems to be hesitant to join her while she’s swimming. The keepers have been feeding them in different areas of the pool at the same time to help them acclimate to being in the space at the same time. During feeding, the two have no problem sharing the pool.Otters, who naturally spend part of their time playing, sliding, grooming, swimming, and digging are a joy to watch and Nkeke is no different.  “Nkeke, our new female otter, is very interactive at the glass in her exhibit. She likes to swim along side guests and is very interested in anything new,” said Annie Marcum, one of the Potter Park Zoo keepers who care for the otters.

Both otters can be seen on exhibit at Potter Park Zoo.