Otter Pup Update – Nest Box Camera Video from Weeks 1 Through 3


Watch the birth and labor of Potter Park Zoo’s second successful litter of North American river otter pups! On the pup’s second day of life, Dr. Nofs performed their first neonatal wellness exam. This quick physical exam is necessary as it allows veterinary staff and keepers to check for any abnormalities or injuries and to get a body weight for a baseline.

“We keep the exam as brief as possible to avoid interrupting the maternal bond with the offspring from the stress of separation. These two otter pups look normal and healthy so were promptly placed back into the nest box and mom returned in a matter of a few minutes. We can continue to monitor their health and wellness with regular body weights to monitor growth as well as observations via nest box camera that show nursing and maternal care,” said Dr. Nofs.

Week One:

The weights of the otter pups are taken opportunistically to cause the least amount of stress on the pups and first time mom, Nkeke. Both pups are nursing regularly and gaining weight at a good rate.
Weights taken on February 7: 117g and 103 g

Week Two:

Weights taken on February 17: 316g and 276 g

Week Three:

Weights taken on February 28: 525g and  591 g.
The pup’s eyes are still closed but canines visible in their mouths!