It’s time for Zookambi Summer Camp!

Summer is here! And with summer comes… Zookambi Summer Camp! What better way to start your little one’s summer than with a week of fun at the zoo – playing, crafting, and exploring their way through the animal kingdom?

For our first and second grade campers, we’re starting the summer off with our new camp, Creature Power! During our week long exploration of Creature Powers, we’ll be exploring what makes our animals AMAZING! We’ll be looking at the fastest, strongest, and most unique members of the animal kingdom. Then we’ll be testing our own creature powers as we run, jump, and crawl our way through the week’s fun activities! We’ll be making cheetah racers and creature power discs along with much, much more!

In the afternoon, our first and second grade campers will be exploring the fantabulous world of Dr. Seuss! We’ll be reading classics like the Cat in the Hat, Yertle the Turtle, and Fox in Socks, then exploring the zoo to visit our own cats, turtles, foxes and more! We’ll also be doing lots of fun crafts and games based around our Seussical explorations, including making our own Truffula Trees, Lorax Mustaches, and more!

Have a third or fourth grade camper looking for a fun start to summer vacation? Join us for Leapers, Creepers or Around the World to get a whole new look at some of their animal friends! In Leapers, Creepers, campers will get to explore the creeping, crawling, hopping, and buzzing life of the wetlands! We’ll be learning about frogs, toads, mosquitoes, and more! We’ll make buzzing mosquito crafts and play exciting outdoor games as we work our way through the wetlands! Along the way we’ll learn about being good environmental stewards and what we can do to help protect our creepy crawly friends!

In Around the World, campers will go on a whirlwind world tour as they learn about the animals at Potter Park Zoo and the very different areas of the world that they come from! Students will collect stamps and souvenirs from around the globe as they visit the habitats of African Lions, South American Penguins, Australian Kangaroos, and many many more!

So if you have a child (or niece, nephew, grandchild, etc…) who will be entering one of these grades in the fall, head over to the Zookambi page and sign him/her up for these and other exciting programs today! Have older kids? No problem! We offer summer programs for grades 1-12! Register today!