Month: April 2018

Go Behind the Scenes with the North American River Otter Pups With Exclusive Adopt-An-Animal Promotion at Potter Park Zoo

Support Potter Park Zoo and the new North American river otter pups through our “Adopt-an-Animal” program at the $500 level and be one of the lucky fans to have a chance to see the pups up close and personal. This exclusive Adopt-an-Animal package features a behind the scenes tour to meet mother Nkeke and the otter […]

Red Kangaroo Joey born at Potter Park Zoo

  Meet the Potter Park Zoo’s new little pride and joey! This adorable new face emerged from the pouch late this winter from red kangaroo mother Roothie. Roothie came to Potter Park Zoo from St. Louis Zoological Park in May of 2017 with three other red kangaroos. The animal care staff knew there was a […]