FALCONERS is designed to allow children or adults of all ages  with special needs and unique challenges (such as autism or developmental disabilities) and their whole family to have an enriching educational experience in a safe and welcoming environment. There will be one event per month throughout 2019.

  • Safe and welcoming environment with sensory friendly activities
  • Inclusive for the entire family/support group
  • Up close experiences with ambassador animals
  • Each session includes hands-on stewardship activity
  • This program will be shared with other institutions in the community


Scheduled Events


FALCONERS “Around the World”

January 26: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM 

The January 2019 event’s theme is “Around the World”!   Grab your passport because we’re traveling around the globe, and we don’t even need to leave our favorite zoo! Did you know that here at Potter Park Zoo, we have animals representing species from all over the world?  We will be exploring our zoo and discovering the continents and habitats where our animal’s wild cousins live.  Activity stations will be set-up in the Discovery Center and in exhibit buildings throughout the zoo, and of course all of the zoo’s animal residents will be there to enjoy.  Activities will begin at 10:00 AM and continue until 1:00 PM, and families may engage in as many or as few as they wish, at their own pace!  Light snacks (and coffee for adults!) are provided.

Please pre-register to get free admission to the zoo and access to the activities. Please note that the concession stands will be closed but the gift shop will be open!

To register for the Saturday January 26, 2019 event, please click here.


FALCONERS “Star Safari”

February 23: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

In February, we are partnering with our friends at Abrams Planetarium on the campus of MSU for a special “Star Safari” program.  This will be a different format from our other events as we will have scheduled activities rather than drop-in stations.  Join us as we explore the stars and discover that many of the constellations we see are pictures of animals!  We’ll learn a little bit about the mythology behind the constellations, and some facts about the animals they represent.  The sensory friendly theater presentation will begin shortly after 10:00 and we will have live animals and crafts in the lobby afterwards.   Light snacks (and coffee for adults!) will be provided after the theater portion of the program.


There is a small charge of $1.50 per person for this off-site event.

To register for the Saturday February 23 event at Abrams Planetarium, please click here.