Animal Care Internship

Animal Care Internship Description and Requirements

Potter Park Zoo is offering the chance to participate in an unpaid internship with our animal department for college credit. This is a unique opportunity to work alongside seasonal animal care staff and gain valuable experience.

Interns will participate in many aspects of husbandry including:

  • Cleaning of animal exhibits and holding areas
  • Exhibit maintenance
  • Diet preparation
  • Observing and recording animal condition, behaviors and responses
  • Positive and educational interaction with the zoo visitors
  • Animal Enrichment
  • Observe Operant Conditioning


  • ¬†Animal care internships must be for credit through your school or an independent study through yhour school
  • Interns are required to complete a minimum 24 hours a week for the duration of their internship.
  • Must be able to work 8 hours per day on assigned days.
  • Complete a project during the internship and present the results upon completion.
  • Must be willing to commit to a 14 week internship
  • Must be able to work quietly, efficiently and safely around live animals
  • Must provide proof of negative TB test and be willing to submit to a background check.


  • Candidates must be currently enrolled in a college institution
  • Qualified interns should have at least one year of previous experience in volunteering or working in an animal related field and pursuing a degree that is animal related.

Work Environment

  • This position requires interns to work in all weather conditions including heat, humidity, rain, cold and dust.
  • This position involves considerable physical exertion such as brisk walking, repetitive bending, pushing/pulling/carrying heavy loads and regular lifting of heavy objects.

Potter Park Zoo is open 364 days a year, therefore, all positions at Potter Park Zoo may require employees and interns to work some weekends or holidays.

Please note that we are unable to provide housing during the internship or transportation to and from the zoo.