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Potter Park Zoo is home to over 160 species of animals, many of which are threatened or endangered, including Amur tigers, red pandas, snow leopards, bongos and more. Interested in learning more about the animals you'll meet during your trip to the zoo? Check out these animal profiles!

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Potter Park Zoo is a 58-acre zoo located in the capital city of Lansing, Michigan. With over 500 animal residents there is always something new and exciting to see. From special events to programs for children and adults, the Zoo offers family fun and enrichment year round. Come explore the Zoo and help us celebrate, study, and protect the diversity of animals and their habitats.

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Each year thousands of children and adults visit Potter Park Zoo and participate in a variety of educational outreach programs. These programs would not be possible with the generous support of friends like you! Your gifts benefit the Zoo by providing ongoing financial support that ensures the health and well-being of all the animals at the Zoo and provides for education and outreach, conservation, animal welfare programs, and capital improvement projects.


Our mission is to inspire people to conserve animals in the natural world. Potter Park Zoo is doing our part to save species around the world through research, education, breeding and release programs and much more.

Upcoming Events

Thousands of lights create extraordinary animal exhibits and holiday displays at the 23rd annual Wonderland of Lights! There will be cookies, crafts and animal encounters for the kids to enjoy!

Our Mission: Inspire People to Conserve Animals in the Natural World.

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