FrogWatch 3/19

March 19

Potter Park Zoo is calling on Michigan residents to join its FrogWatch program as volunteer citizen scientists to help conserve the state's frog and toad population. Amphibians, particularly anurans like frogs and toads, are some of the most threatened animals in the world, and are vital indicators of environmental health due to their sensitivity to environmental changes. As citizen scientists, volunteers will learn about amphibian biology and wetland habitats, and how to identify local frogs and toads by their behavior and mating calls. Their observations will be recorded in a national database, which will help researchers to better understand the geographic distribution and causes of decline of frog and toad populations. The program is open to everyone, and families with children are also welcome. To participate, volunteers must attend one of the two training sessions offered by Potter Park Zoo and commit to monitoring a wetland site over multiple evenings throughout the breeding season from February to August.