Asphalt Replacement Project

The Asphalt Replacement Project began July 31, 2023. The project will be completed in three separate phases. We are currently on PHASE THREE. Below are changes to zoo operations during this phase. While we understand these challenges might deter some visitors, we also want to offer alternatives for those seeking a family day at the zoo. As a Potter Park Zoo Member, you get to enjoy the benefits of discounted or even free admission to other AZA-accredited zoos! Learn more about this amazing perk here.


During phase three, we will be utilizing our normal entrance gate.


The animals off-exhibit during phase three include:

African spurred tortoise

Trumpeter Hornbill

Crested Porcupine

Magellanic Penguins

Eastern Bongo


Eurasian Eagle-owl

Camel Rides


Red Kangaroo

Grey Kangaroo


While some animals may be off-exhibit, there’s still plenty to explore! Guests can still visit our otters, big cats, red pandas, and much more!

Camel Rides

Camel rides will be closed during phase three.

Farmyard Edventures

The farmyard will be open during phase three, on the weekend.

Feline and Primate House

The outdoor exhibits in the feline and primate house will be open. 

Gift Shop

The AniMALL gift shop will be open in its original location near the entry plaza.

Reptile House

The reptile house will be open during phase three.

Savanna Grill

The Savanna Grill will be open during phase three.

Dippin Dots

Dippin dots will be closed during phase three.

Sensory Challenges During Construction

We want to keep you informed and provide you with a glimpse of what to expect. As we work on our asphalt replacement project, we understand that certain sensory challenges may arise.

1. Smells: With the laying of asphalt, there may be some temporary smells associated with the construction process.

2. Dust: As the construction progresses in sectioned areas, you may notice dust in those specific zones.

3. Noise: Please be aware that the presence of heavy machinery might generate loud noises throughout the zoo during the construction period.

*Sensory Bags and headphones are available to check out at the admissions gate. We also have quiet areas throughout the zoo, which can be found here.