Bat-Eared Fox

Physical characteristics

Bat-eared foxes are sandy gray with light fur on the belly and dark fur around the eyes, back of the ears, muzzle, feet and tail tip. This fox is known for its enormous ears which can grow to over 5 inches long. As you can imagine, these animals have a great sense of hearing.


Bat-eared foxes live in pairs or small groups. They spend most of the day sleeping and come together at dusk for playtime and social grooming before foraging throughout the night. Unlike other canids (members of the dog family), the male bat-eared fox takes on the majority of the parenting once the mother gives birth.

Habitat and Range

Bat-eared fox live in dry, short-grass savannas and brush in southern and eastern Africa.

Fun Facts

  • A male fox is called a “dog,” a female is called a “vixen” and a baby is called a “kit.”
  • The bat-eared fox diet consists mainly of insects such as ants and termites, in the rainy season and mice in the dry season.
  • Bat-eared foxes can use their large ears to locate beetle larvae buried underneath the ground.
  • Here at the zoo, we feed them a dry carnivore pellet, specially formulated carnivore meat, crickets, mealworms, fruits and vegetables.