Banded Mongoose

Physical characteristics

The fur of a banded mongoose is grayish brown and varies from light to dark depending on the geographical region. Banded mongoose are characterized by the dark bands across the back, from which they get their name. They have large heads, small ears, short limbs and mighty claws for digging.


Banded mongoose are social animals, living in an average group size of 20 individuals. Each member of the group cares for he young and elderly with food, protection and grooming. Banded mongoose tend to be nomadic, as they do not stay in a particular den for more than a couple of days.

Habitat and Range

Banded mongoose live in grassland, woodland and savannas across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fun fact

In some areas, banded mongoose have a close relationship with baboons. The two species have been known to forage and play together.

Our Animals

Potter Park Zoo is home to seven mongoose – three males and four females. The group arrived from Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in 2013.