Grades 5-7

Animal CSI- June 19-23 or Aug 14-18

We need your help!! A crime has occurred at Potter Park Zoo and we need you to analyze the crime scene. Using careful observations, amazing skills of deduction, and the same type of scientific investigation methods used by real Animal Cops, help us figure out what happened and who was the dastardly culprit!

So You Want to Work at the Zoo?- June 19-23 or July 31- Aug 4

Do you like asking questions, and learning why things work the way they do? Then this class is for you! Take on the role of a young research scientist, a behavioral analyst, an architect and many more exciting roles. You’ll also have the chance to meet a few animal experts and discover what it means to work at a zoo!

 Puzzles, Piñatas, and Presents- June 26-30  

 What do you do when you’re bored to help keep you entertained? Animals get bored too, and we make sure all of our animals at the zoo get plenty of time to play! Come learn about enrichment that happens at Potter Park Zoo, make treats and toys for the animals, and watch them enjoy!

Aliens Among Us- June 26-30

Have you ever had that feeling that something was lurking near you that didn’t belong? Well, you were right! Monstrous fish with creepy saw-like mouths, flying disease factories… aliens from another ecosystem! Join us here at Zookambi to discover and unearth the invaders that are living among us!

 Grossology- July 17-21 or Aug 7-11

Animals do some weird, fascinating, and completely gross things! From owl pellets, lizards shooting blood from their eyes, and regurgitating hedgehogs, you’ll investigate with us how being gross can actually be good for animals.

Vet Med- July 17-21 (FULL!) or Aug 14-18  (FULL!)

So you want to be a vet?  Great!  Come get a head start at Potter Park Zoo!  We’ll be spending the week exploring surgical techniques, lab tests, and first aid skills that real veterinarians use every day!  You’ll also get to try your hand at figuring out what’s wrong with one of our animal patients in Friday’s diagnostic challenge! 

Discover Your Spirit Animal- July 24-28

Ever wonder which member of the animal kingdom best conveys your wild soul? Ever felt like a wolf on the hunt, or a raven flying high? Come discover how the Native Americans felt about the animals among them and learn about your spirit animal through a week of fun crafts, games, and zoo exploration.

Picture This- July 24-28

Note: campers are required to bring a digital camera each day of camp.

Say cheese! Are you a future photographer? Be sure to join us at your favorite zoo for a wild photography ride that will teach you the basics of your camera and how to snap the best animal shots! Come spend some time getting the purr-fect pose to create your own mock billboard for the zoo. DON’T FORGET your digital cameras, memory cards, chargers and LOTS of spare batteries on the FIRST day to get the full experience of this class!

Exhibit Design- July 31- Aug 4

Have you ever wondered what it takes to design and build a zoo exhibit? Do you have an interest in architecture or like building models? Come explore habitat and exhibit design at Potter Park Zoo! We will explore the different exhibits at the zoo to see how animal enclosures have improved from the days of concrete cages with steel bars to the spectacular exhibits we have today, then try our hands at constructing our own model exhibits.  Also, we’ll get to check out our new red panda and moose enclosures and see how their inhabitants are enjoying them!

Swamp Things- Aug 7-11

Monsters, ogres, mosquitoes… swamp things! Ok, so maybe we won’t find any monsters or ogres, but there are lots of amazing creatures that live in our soggier ecosystems!  Come learn about swampy critters large and small (and microscopic!) as we explore the Red Cedar River and the surrounding areas in our week long dive into the wacky world of water!