Grades 3-4

Creeptastic Creatures- June 19-23 

Some hoppin’ good fun is guaranteed for our adventurous campers exploring the creatures living around the pond. Not only will you get the chance to sing along with the frogs and toads, but you’ll also experience the rich world of wetlands and learn how important they are to be protected.

Wildlife Detective- June 26-30

Do you like a good mystery? Are following clues to find answers your thing? This is the summer camp for you! Come build your skills as a wildlife detective, and learn about the different signs that animals leave behind them. You’ll find clues to solve an animal mystery right here at the zoo. Get your magnifying glasses ready!

Zoolympics- June 26-30

Are you an athlete or sports fan? Want to find out who’s going to take home the gold medal in the 100 meter dash or high jump? Come learn about some of the amazing athletes of the animal kingdom and see if you can take home your own medal when you put your skills against those of the animals’ right here at Potter Park Zoo!

Vet Med Jr.- July 17-21  FULL!

Love animals? Want to be a vet or vet tech? Join us for a week of fun animal health activities!  You’ll get to use real surgical equipment and learn some of the many tasks that veterinarians have to do all the time! We might even get to take a peek at a real veterinarian at work!

Artistic Animals- July 17-21  FULL!

Animals have been a source of inspiration for artists ever since the first cave paintings. It’s time to pull out your pencils, markers, and more and search around the zoo for inspiration and create our own masterpieces!

Join the Pack- July 24-28

Join the Pack will explore the lives of wolves and their amazing abilities and behaviors! Find out how wolves hunt, why they howl, and what their families are like, as well as learn about wolves that live right here in Michigan. After this class, you just might just howl with excitement!

Hide and Seek- July 24-28

Did you know animals play hide and seek too? It’s time to explore how animals hide from danger and how they find a delicious snack. Sharpen your eyes and learn about predators and prey as we play Hide and Seek along with the animal kingdom.

Beastly Tales- July 31- Aug 4

This is your chance to leap into the pages of picture books and see where the wild things really are! Your week will be full of exciting stories and animal interactions that will capture your imagination and provide memories to last a lifetime.

Winged Wonders- July 31- Aug 4

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for this fast-paced flight through the magical world of winged animals. Soar high with Potter Park Zoo as you are opened up to this world through observation, imagination, and possibly some creation. From buzzards to bats, this is a journey of new heights you don’t want to pass up!

Grossology Jr.- Aug 7-11

Animals do some weird, fascinating, and completely gross things! From lizards that can shoot blood from their eyes, and regurgitating hedgehogs, you’ll investigate with us how being gross can actually be good for animals.

Survivor: Wild- Aug 7-11

Do you have what it takes to be named the ultimate survivor? See if you’re up for the challenge as you find out what makes our animals GREAT survivors in their natural habitats, and then test your own survivor skills in our daily survivor challenges. The tribe has spoken, and we want to see you join us for this Potter Park Zookambi adventure!

Wild for Art- Aug 14-18   FULL!

You’ve painted, used a crayon or marker before, right? Did you know that our animals have their own way of doing art right here at Potter Park Zoo? From penguins to porcupines, animals come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors! Come be inspired by the natural beauty of our animals and create your own fantastic pieces of art.

Around the World- Aug 7-11  FULL!

Grab your passport because we’re traveling around the globe, and you don’t even need to leave your favorite zoo! Each day will bring new adventures as we fly off to different continents to explore animal and human cultures sharing various unique habitats. To make this more of an adventure, we’ll bring back some exciting zoovineers!