Extended Learning Classes

Extended Learning Classes

For people unable to participate in The BIG Zoo Lesson week but want more than a one-hour tour or class visit, our Education Department has created the perfect compromise: a one-day extended learning class.

What We Offer

This program is perfect for teachers, other educators, and scout troops who want to spend a fun-filled day learning about wildlife. Structured to meet the needs of your school's curriculum and MEAP objectives, we offer teacher-designed programs on adaptations, food chains, and animal classifications. Looking for something specific, you can request that a program be tailored to meet your specific needs!

Included with this program is a two-hour, one-on-one planning session where teachers can meet with our Education Curator in a consultation designed to discover your needs and to make sure that the day-long program is everything you want it to be!

Fees and Registration

The cost for this intensive, full-day session is priced based on the program you design.  Make arrangements for your program today by contacting Education Curator Dennis Laidler at (517) 342-2714.