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Have You Hugged Your Opossum Today?

Even scavengers that hiss at your dog and root through your trash deserve to be loved. Just watch out for those 52 pointy teeth (that's more than any other land mammal!).

Could You Be a Docent?

Do you ever get strange looks from people at social events when you break out some of your favorite animal facts? Have you reached capacity for animals residing in your home?

Wonderland of Lights . . . and Owl Pellets?

Thanksgiving weekend is the opening weekend of Potter Park Zoo’s annual Wonderland of Lights.

Saving the Biggest of the Big Cats

As a child in the 1980s I was very much enamored with tigers. For many years I was a lucky member of the National Geographic Society’s video club.

Cold, Community, and a Sulky Owl

The zoo has just enjoyed yet another May, full of school groups on field trips and visitors who are glad to finally get out and enjoy the weather.