Spring Time at the Zoo

Spring is in the air at Potter Park Zoo.  Spring brings with it flowers, nicer weather, more guests, and excited and frisky animals.  The animals certainly welcome the warmer weather and enjoy going out into exhibits that they may have avoided or not been in much for the winter or colder weather.

Spring also brings annual physical examinations for many animals at the zoo.  With spring comes mosquitoes and with mosquitoes, West Nile Virus.  West Nile Virus can be harmful or even fatal to some of our animals at the zoo including our raptors (hawks, and eagles), ponies, reindeer, and penguins.  So part of spring physical examinations include vaccinating all of these animals to protect them against West Nile Virus.  In addition to this, they also get a full check-over by the zoo’s veterinarian to make sure that they are healthy.  These check-ups include drawing blood, and even taking radiographs (x-rays).  

Other animals that are also getting their yearly physical examinations and vaccinations in the spring include the goats, pigs, burros, llamas, and ponies.    

There is of course the hope that spring will also bring babies here later in the spring or summer, but since a majority of our animals we cannot ultrasound unless they are under anesthesia, we will have to wait and see!

You are more than welcome to stop by and see us working at the veterinary clinic in the corner of the Contact area (Farmyard), there is a window right into our treatment room.  Also, I hope to see you at the Veterinarian’s Education, Zoos and yoU Day here at Potter Park Zoo to learn about taking care of your pets and all the many options associated with veterinary medicine.

-Dr. Tara