Potter Park Zoo Congratulates the Newest Class of Docents

“What is a docent?” you may ask. A docent is a trained volunteer educator, and an integral part of the wildlife education program at Potter Park Zoo. They are the smiling, friendly, helpful, people in the blue zoo vests who are always ready to answer your questions. Here at the zoo docents lead tours, present live animal encounters, take animals into the community on outreaches, and a myriad of other activities that help make the zoo an awesome place to visit.

Docent training is an intensive 9 week experience taught by zoo education staff with visits by animal care staff including the zookeepers, Dr. Tara the zoo vet, and Cindy Wagner the General Curator. Docents are taught how to conduct zoo tours, how to properly (and safely) handle and present the education animals, and how to deliver effective educational experiences to zoo visitors year round.

We are so very proud of all of our docents (we have almost 150 now!) that completed all of the above criterion, and graduated this past Saturday.

Please join us in congratulating the Potter Park Zoo Docent Class of 2014:  Shannon Armbruster, Lindsey Berg, Scott Berg, Genevieve Cornwall, Dustin Ford, Matt Garner, Cheryl Grabski, Joni Hartman, Cynthia Holt, Brooke Jefferson, Paxton Klaver, Stephanie Lamb, Katie Licht, Sandra Marlowe, Becky Morningstar, Misty Opperman, Diane Reeve, Dick Reeve, Trish Reilly, Bob Reynolds, Diane Rigotti, Ambrie Storey, Sarah Wahr, and Tara Yeske.

Are you interested in becoming a docent? CLICK HERE for more information!