Farewell, Whispering Giant

Yesterday was a bittersweet day as we said goodbye to Whispering Giant, the iconic Native American statue at PPZ. We’re sad to see its end, but we’re delighted that our visitors and staff could enjoy it for 37 years! What an amazing gift.

The Trail of the Whispering Giants is a collection of sculptures by Hungarian-born artist Peter Toth. Whispering Giants are created as a composite of all the physical characteristics, stories and histories of the local Native American tribe(s). There are currently 73 sculptures throughout the United States and Europe. Toth constructed the Whispering Giant at Potter Park Zoo in fall of 1975. In 2005, it underwent significant repairs which helped it stand for another seven years. Unfortunately, further natural damage was no longer preventable and led to its removal.

Do you have a special memory of the Whispering Giant? If you captured it on camera, email us your pictures at zoophotos [at] ingham [dot] org. We’ll use some of them in a collage for a sign that we’re creating and installing at PPZ next spring, in appreciation of Toth’s gift. The sign will be part of an ongoing project to highlight the cultural significance of Potter Park Zoo’s Great Lakes species to regional Native American tribes!

Whispering Giant