Lake Baikal and Central Asian Grasslands

Lake Baikal is located in the south of the Russian region of Siberia.  It is the oldest lake in the world, dated at 25 million years old, and it’s the second most voluminous lake on the planet.  You’ll experience the dense evergreen forests mixed with granite cliffs and rocky streams, where cold weather predators like the Amur tiger and snow leopard call home.  The existing feline and primate building will shift it’s collection to match the region, and will be renovated to offer a better view of these animals.Lake Baikal
Takin in FieldMoving into the Central Asian Grasslands, you’ll get a look at some cool season hoofed animals grazing in the open areas.  Bactrian camels will call this area home now, and will share the land with takin, yak, and caribou.  The renovated bird and reptile house will remain, and shift its collection to Central Asian bird and reptile species.


Baikal Exhibit Topography


Lake Baikal Eco Region